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My son got his first ermine the other day. For those of you that don’t know a weasel in winter with it’s white coat is called an ermine. In summer when they have there brown color, they are called a weasel. Neat.

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Well the sun was shining and the wind has settled down so I took a walk around the yard today. Oh, I also grabbed the camera!

This is our billy goat, named Billy. He is about 3 years old and is a pure bred Saanan.



In the picture above you can see an opening between the pine trees. That is where the driveway goes through. This next picture was taken right there.

The turkeys have come back. We haven’t seen them for about 3 months. My youngest son saw the birds in the field close to where I took this picture. I Actually saw the birds on my walk behind the house in the woods but wasn’t able to get a picture of them.


This is part of the pasture for the milking goats. They are hiding in the first picture.


Here they are, They love dogwood branches!

The white one is a Saanan and is the leader of the bunch. The other three are Toggenburgs.


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This is something that has always interested me. I have been finding some how to’s on the subject and am planning on trying it out this year. Let me know if you have done this and what your results were. Also, what did you use it for?

Here is a link to a pretty specific set of instructions.


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Today is the coldest day so far this year. -5 earlier this morning, +6 now.

I will attach some random yard pics from today. All taken from the warmth of the house. I am not much of a photographer, other than I try.

They should be self explanatory, leave a comment if not.





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2 degrees Above zero.

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Got Snow!

Not all 6 inches like they were saying. But a solid 4. I’ll take it!


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Injured wife!

It’s been about a week in the making, but to make a long story short my wife somehow pinched the nerve at C8. Her entire left arm is numb. Incredible pain. Mind you this coming from a woman who gave birth to our 3 children at home!

We went to the chiropractor this morning and adjusted her and said there wasn’t much more he could do. That was at 9:00 this morning.

She was able to sleep a little through the day but for the most part I got to try and play nurse. All I could really do was alternate hot and cold compresses on her back.

Tonight she is sleeping better than I am. We both took off work. She is sleeping in my recliners because it’s the most comfortable position for her. I’m on the couch…not sleeping at 4:30 am.

I hope and pray this is better today.

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