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Muskrat line???

The next few days are going to be way above normal temps. Thinking about setting up a new rat line…or focus on filling an otter tag. Choices 🙂

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Another red fox

This is my first one this year using our cable restraints.

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3rd red fox in the same set

This is the 3rd fox in the same set behind the house. All have been males, and real nice looking…no MANGE!

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A great read!

I just finished reading a book that I really enjoyed. It is an old book that is available for free on Amazon Kindle. I use the kindle app on my Android phone. The name of the book is…

Fifty Years a Hunter & Trapper

By: E.N. Woodcock

The book begins in 1903 and is a collection of personal stories of Mr. Woodcock and his hunting and trapping adventures. If you have any interest in trapping or hunting this book will keep you up at night. It was not uncommon for trappers to go out in summer and build trapping cabins and cut wood. Then, when the season opens they stay in the cabin(s) for months at a time as they run there trap line. How cool is that!!!

One of the things that Mr. Woodcock talks a lot about is conservation. In the early 1900’s market hunting for deer was a common practice. Hunters would shoot deer and ship them to New York on the railroad. He talks about how the numbers of animals is shrinking rapidly and he calls for conservation.  This idea follows through to trapping as well. He recounts how many sections of land are devoid of fur bearers. His request is that trappers voluntarily restrict the amount of time that they trap. Waiting until the animals are prime and worth the most.

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