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Darn weather! This thing would be done and I could have moved my lettuce outside if only the weather would cooperate. LOL, just another day I guess. I can’t complain too much. If we were having a normal winter I would still be planning this out and looking forward to starting it.

The last update showed the boys screwing the pvc posts into the wood runner on the long side of the hoop house. If you haven’t seen the start of this project you can find it here.

Since then we put on the hip boards. Mine are 30″ from the top of the runner board. I did this in such a way that I can have my sides roll up for ventilation and cooling and it can rest on this board I’ll have a picture of that when I get it all done.

These boards (2 x 4 x 8) are drilled out with a 1″ hole saw so the pvc sits in the board. I then used a 2″ screw to secure the pvc to the board. The part of the board that is outside the pvc will become the shelf that the rolled up plastic from the sides rests on. At least I hope so anyways.

We also built one of the end walls. Just standard framing. Actually the other end is going to be built a little different just to see which way works better. The lumber is standard 2 x 4 x 8’s. My door is 36″ wide and just shy of 6′ tall.

The last thing we have completed is hanging the ridge pole.  Standard 2 x 4 x 8 boards. The way I hung this is I drilled 2 small holes through the board and used some 14 gauge wire that I had for another project and just twisted it. Just link a twisty tie. The twists are on the bottom of the board so it doesn’t contact the plastic. The black wire is coming around the pvc and into the wood, then twisted tight.

Today most of the snow is gone but it is very windy so the plastic won’t be installed. Maybe tomorrow I can get the other end wall installed and the plastic on!

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