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We have had such a long drawn out, yet mild winter it seems like spring should be here any day! A couple of weeks ago I planted 6 different varieties of lettuce. You can find that here.  Today I’ll add some pictures of what I have now and you can see that some are doing better than others. Some seedlings were lost because I had my lights adjusted wrong. But I was able to replant and am still in the lettuce business!

First up is the Simpson Elite. If you remember the last post I had the planted in 6 cell pots. Because my lights were not at the right height the plants grew way to fast and got very spindly. So I replanted them (losing a couple) in the larger 4 cell pots.


Next is the Black Seeded Simpson.


This is Red Fire.


Parris Island.


And Royal Red.

I am hopeful that by the end of this week we can have the Hoop House completed and move these all outside!


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This blog will be an ongoing diary of my lettuce plantings this spring. I always start off the gardening season with a notebook and the intention to document everything I do in the garden. The intentions fade quickly though and eventually nothing gets recorded. I’m hoping that by using this blog I will stick with it longer.

So here starts the lettuce diary!

2-8-2012 Me and the kids started 6 varieties of lettuce. These seeds are leftovers from last year. I don’t know how viable they are and since it is just lettuce I am not going to worry about doing a germination test or anything like that.

The six varieties are Simpson Elite, Royal Red, Parris Island, Salad Bowl, and Red Fire. They are planted in Burpee brand  seed starting pellets and coconut fiber. The flat was placed on an east facing windowsill and we had some germination in a couple of days.

A side note is that after we planted the lettuce I decided to build a light stand and heat mat. Once that was complete the lettuce was moved to a the light stand, but no heating mat. I believe that was done on the 16th of February.

2-18-2012 Pictures of lettuce today. I discarded the Salad Bowl tray because there was no sign of life.

Back Left = Black Seeded Simpson, Front Left = Simpson Elite, Back Right = Red Fire, Front Right = Salad Bowl (Discarded)

Back Right = Parris Island, Front left = Royal Red

The lettuce seedlings had some white furry stuff on the stalk. It seems like they grow out of it??? I say that because the taller it gets, the less of the white stuff there is. Does anyone know what it is? The soil is a little wetter than I would like and I am currently working on getting it dried out some. I think that is the problem.

2-20-2012 The white stuff appears to be gone. But for some reason two seedlings fell over. They didn’t shrivel up …yet so I’ll wait to pull them. I’m wondering if I have too much light for them. I turn the lights on for about 12 hours each day. I’ll have to research that and find out what the optimal light time is.

The picture below is the Parris Island that did not germinate. Remember this is last years seed. I restarted a new tray with this years seed for Parris Island.

Below is the new tray of Parris Island, a Romaine type.

Instead of continuing this post any new updates will have their own post. Here is the next update.

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