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I decided to take the plunge and try to start seeds inside again. This is easier said than done since I live in Wisconsin. We have had a very mild winter and the gardening bug has bitten bad! After doing some research online I decided to build a pvc frame for a fluorescent light. Actually I decided to make a double hanger so I can put four trays of seeds under my lights.

I also made a heat mat out of a strand of rope lights. If I can find the link to the original source I will add it in here.

Again, the pictures can tell the story better than I can. But I will say that I am quite impressed with the heat mat. The stand is in our rec room downstairs which stays about 62 degrees. Most evenings there will be a fire in the fireplace that will raise the temp to about 75. It’s really only for a few hours so I don’t think it makes much of a difference to the plant stand. Anyways, the rope lights have been on for about 16 hours and this morning the soil temp was just under 80 degrees! Room temp is 62.

Let me know if you have any questions and please leave a comment!

The tray and 8-pack in front are lettuce. So they don’t get any heat.

The two trays in the back are on the heat mat. tomatoes, Peppers, etc.

That’s the rope lights.

I pulled one of the trays off the heat mat so you could see it better.

The height can be adjusted either by moving the chain links on the lights, or by lifting up the sides of the frame itself.

I wanted to add a couple of pictures to this post now that it is a day old. 1st of all, I am totally impressed with the rope lights as a heat source. Below you will see the thermometer that is inside the tray on the heat mat. About 82 degrees! And the room temp is a stable 62.

Next pic is some lettuce that was planted on the 8th of February. It took two days to start to germinate and now has 12 hours of light. I am expecting big things from this!

Here are some pictures that Kelly sent to me showing how she made hers! I like it.

Kelly…”That rope light mat is crazy..my marigolds, lupines and moss rose plants germinated in 2 days! ”

Kelly's Grow light and Heat Mat

Kelly's Grow light and Heat Mat

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